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TV meme a no go

So I've decided to stop doing the TV meme completely. I just can't keep up with posting every day now that the kids are home for the summer. That and I don't really watch many different shows so a lot of my answers would have been repeats, and that's just boring. :)
Nowhere man

Can I just say...

I mean, I'm not at liberty to say much but...

One of the collab fics I'm writing is...I've never been so excited about a story before in my life. A story that I'm a part of, that I'm helping to create. I could spend the next however long it takes to finish this thing just writing it.

The only downfall? I have no desire to write on anything else. I've tried. My mind keeps wandering back to this one in particular and I can't focus on any other story.

To she who is writing this with me: Thank you! You have, through the totally innocent suggestion that we do this together, single handedly not just reawakened my writing muse, but amped up my desire and love of writing more than you could ever know.
Nowhere man

Allergy pills for writer's block?

I've been stuck for a few weeks now, unable to write anything on anything (except maybe a paragraph or two here and there), despite attempting every day to work on various fics. Now I'm sick and the ideas are just pouring in. And I just spent the last hour writing on an original fic idea I've been playing with for months now (though I'm not being brave enough to write it as original fic and am instead using one of my ships).

1,000 words in an hour? Pretty damn good for me right now.

Unfortunately, my head feels like it's about to float away and the rest of my body thinks that the best thing is to lay down and pass out. But I really want to get this scene written before that happens. *crosses fingers*
Nowhere man


I've been a bad little sick person TV meme participant. But being dizzy and lightheaded does not make for a happy Jenny. And a non-happy Jenny doesn't really enjoy posting memes to LJ when she could be sleeping (or getting high on allergy pills and watching old 80's horror movies and then laughing her ass off) instead.

I'll return to the regularly scheduled program when I'm feeling better in a day or two (hopefully not weeks or months from now, like the last few times I've been sick).